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A family business based on the west coast, Scholz Productions specializes in non-commercial radio promotion for independent artists.  Drawing upon his 20+ year career in the arts, Ben and company are able to offer a unique service to artists looking to promote their music.



A radio promotion campaign for a single album generally runs between eight and ten weeks. During this time period, a publicist may also work closely with an artist to generate press for the album. Done properly, a successful non-commercial radio marketing strategy will result in radio play from at least 150 of the nearly 1,500 public radio stations in the United States. This radio play helps supply the momentum needed to promote an album to industry writers and bloggers. With the growing number of available streaming internet radio sources, the importance of working with a dedicated radio promoter who understands the industry cannot be overstated.



Artists looking to promote their albums to radio will need to supply fully produced CDs with a registered UPC, artwork, information, and mechanical licenses if applicable. Artists will also need to supply design content for both print and digital promotional material. For more information including details regarding pricing, please contact Benjamin Scholz at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

620 W. McCarthy Way
Suite #56
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Tracking: 503.297.6949

What People Are Saying About Scholz Productions

"Scholz productions did a radio airplay campaign for my most recent album. Ben was thorough and conscientious and kept me up to date every step of the way.  I was impressed with my results and really felt like I got a great deal for all of his hard work and time. I would highly recommend him to other musicians for the radio and media promotional  needs."                         Abigail Riccards

“Ben Scholz gave me a great price, and delivered what he promised. That’s more than I can say about just about any other promoter I’ve worked with. Ben is a special person in this industry, and I would recommend him." - Greg Spero

"Ben is a tireless worker, a fine musician, a great friend, very smart and savvy, and has a big heart.  One of the best things I ever did was hire him to promote my project". - Bill Overton

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